Change Their Lives – Even For A Day

Why do people buy “things”?  Sometimes they buy them because they need them.  Sometimes because they want them.  Still, there are times they buy for far more deep-seated reasons – and that, my fellow marketeers, is what we strive to understand and to emphasize.

For the hundreds of thousands of words I have written as a marketing consultant advice, I always tried to have one primordial thought behind my madness.  “Make the lives of my readers better.”  Whether it’s better permanently or simply for an hour or a day, I feel I have done my job.

I always pitied the copywriters who just tried to sell.  Hard pitch – soft pitch, fast pitch – slow pitch.  It made no difference – they just wanted to sell.  I was encouraged by one of my early supervisors to find something wonderful about the product or service of which I was tasked to write.  “Be proud that you get a chance to tell people about the marvelous benefit of this product and show how the product will make their life better.”
The make-up will create a more attractive you
The car that shouts (or whispers) something good about you
The vacation that will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories
The dress that will rekindle your relationship
The house that will give your family a home

Products are merely “things”.  What we make of them, what we expect of them deep down in the recesses of our psyches, are why we buy them.  Believe me, if you think about it, everything from a pen to a lamb chop can make our lives better and thus justify the choice you make.

So when you’re writing your next product description, post card, or webpage think about something wonderful that, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, will make the life of your customer better!

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I am a marketing and advertising consultant located in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  I give my clients advice and assistance based around messaging.  My business is writing and I love sharing my marketing tips, insights and secrets with you.  Interested in learning more valuable stuff that could help improve your marketing life?  Go to


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