Take Away The Risks Of Buying… And Sell More

For all who sell to remote customers either online, via catalog or by direct marketing, here is a virtually foolproof way of increasing your sales.  Remove the barriers to buying from your customers as much as possible.
When consumers buy remotely – especially when they haven’t done business with you before – there is always some fear present.  Will I get what I ordered?  Will it be as described?  Do I have that much money?  What if it doesn’t fit or the color isn’t as shown?  What if it breaks?  What if I just don’t like it?

It is a critical goal of your marketing to alleviate the fear by using Risk Reducing, trust-inspiring measures such as:
Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
Try it before you buy it
No restocking fee
Easy payment plan
Perfect fit Guarantee
Strong product warranty
Do this and customers will feel more confident in buying from you – and that leads to more sales.

More Marketing Consultant Advice
As a long-time marketing consultant offering online copywriting services, I love sharing my marketing tips, insights and secrets.  Interested in learning more valuable stuff that could help improve your marketing life?  Go to http://www.moneywordsmarketing.com/alans-blog/.


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